Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Parental Guidance

File:Parental Guidance film poster.jpg
Artie Decker is fired as an announcer for the Fresno Grizzlies baseball team because he is not up on new technology and doesn't know how to use it. Artie is disappointed because he loved the job.
Meanwhile, in Atlanta thousands of miles away, Artie's daughter Alice Simmons and her husband, Phil, want to go on a business-related vacation. Alice is not able to get her husband's parents to look after their three kids, she reluctantly asks dad Artie and mother-in-law Diane for their help. This was a last resort, since she thinks they are "weird."
Artie and Diane agree to come take care of the grandchildren while their parents (type-A helicopter parents) are in North Carolina for a few days. Artie tells the kids to call him Artie and never "Grandpa". He is quickly nicknamed Fartie by the youngest child, Barker, who is defiant and cheeky.
The only girl, Harper, is very tense due to her preparation for a upcoming violin audition. Diane advises her granddaughter to have some fun and not take the audition too seriously, exactly the opposite of Alice's parental advice.
The older grandson, Turner, is having trouble in school with a bully, so his grandfather encourages him to stand up for himself, resulting in a black eye. Artie creates havoc at Turner's Little League baseball game as well.
Diane is determined to prove to Alice and Phil that they aren't just the "other grandparents." Problems arise when the kids' 21st-century behaviors collide with Artie's and Diane's old-school methods. And distracted by the possibility of finding a new job with the television network that employs his daughter, Artie makes a spectacle of himself at a skateboard competition and the violin recital.
But by the time Alice and Phil return, in a panic, they find that Artie and Diane have been able to earn the trust and love of all the kids.                                                                                   

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone

Harry Potter and the Phoilospher Stone is the first Harry Potter book and film. Harry Potter is the last Potter becaise his Mum and Dad died by Voldemort but Voldemort tries and tries to kill Harry but he can't because  Harry has a power that Voldemort doesn't. Harry's Mum and Dad were in Griffindor will he be the same. In this film Harry lives in number 7 Privet Drive but when a big giant from Hogwarts Harry's life changes forever. Gringots Bank  has a precious thing that is taken to Hogwarts thats belongs to ......... ...... . When Harry was nearly killed by you know who, he who must not be named was killed but did he or did he not.


Harry Potter ( Daniel Radcliffe )

Ron Weasley ( Rubert Grint )

Hermoine Granger ( Emma Watson )

Nearly Headless Nick ( Ron Clease )

Rubeus Hagrid ( Robaine Coltane )

Fillius Flitwick    (Warwick Davis )

Richard Harris  ( Albus Dumbledore )

Professor Quirrell ( Ian Hart)

Mr. Ollivander ( John Hurt)

Severus Snape ( Alan Rickman )

Draco Malfoy ( Tom Felton )

Petunia Dursley ( Fiona Shaw )

Professor  Mcgonagall ( Maggie Smith )

Molly Weasley ( Julie Walters )

Peeves  ( Rick Mayall )

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello and Welcome

Hello followers  of the "Favourite Films" blog. I and everyone else I hope will enjoy reading about yours and other peoples favourite films. Any sort of film is allowed here and if it has all ready been done why don't create your own version of that film. Labels : please insert your name, the Author, the movie company and the films name.

Thank you very  much Harry