Saturday, April 20, 2013

Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone

Harry Potter and the Phoilospher Stone is the first Harry Potter book and film. Harry Potter is the last Potter becaise his Mum and Dad died by Voldemort but Voldemort tries and tries to kill Harry but he can't because  Harry has a power that Voldemort doesn't. Harry's Mum and Dad were in Griffindor will he be the same. In this film Harry lives in number 7 Privet Drive but when a big giant from Hogwarts Harry's life changes forever. Gringots Bank  has a precious thing that is taken to Hogwarts thats belongs to ......... ...... . When Harry was nearly killed by you know who, he who must not be named was killed but did he or did he not.


Harry Potter ( Daniel Radcliffe )

Ron Weasley ( Rubert Grint )

Hermoine Granger ( Emma Watson )

Nearly Headless Nick ( Ron Clease )

Rubeus Hagrid ( Robaine Coltane )

Fillius Flitwick    (Warwick Davis )

Richard Harris  ( Albus Dumbledore )

Professor Quirrell ( Ian Hart)

Mr. Ollivander ( John Hurt)

Severus Snape ( Alan Rickman )

Draco Malfoy ( Tom Felton )

Petunia Dursley ( Fiona Shaw )

Professor  Mcgonagall ( Maggie Smith )

Molly Weasley ( Julie Walters )

Peeves  ( Rick Mayall )

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